QuicksortRx Receives High Praise From Clients in KLAS Report

Post by QuicksortRx on March 2, 2023
QuicksortRx Receives High Praise From Clients in KLAS Report

KLAS Emerging Solutions Spotlight report highlights QuicksortRx customers' high levels of satisfaction and return on investment.

Charleston, S.C., February 2023 — QuicksortRx, a technology company helping health systems improve pharmacy purchasing and reduce medication costs, announced today that it has been featured in a new KLAS Research Emerging Solutions Spotlight. The report examines client experience, satisfaction, and return on investment with QuicksortRx’s real-time pharmacy decision support platform.

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To create the report, KLAS Research surveyed QuicksortRx's current clients, including large hospitals and academic health systems. The report highlights that 100% of the company's customers are highly satisfied with the platform, report savings that exceed the cost of the solution, are highly optimistic about the future viability of the platform, and would purchase QuicksortRx again. 

QuicksortRx was founded by pharmacists and technologists from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). The solution empowers organizations to instantly assess medication price, availability, and purchasing trends across multiple facilities and accounts. 

“The product compiles all our purchases in real time. That is awesome,” an analyst/coordinator told KLAS.

“The vendor provides a very user-friendly platform to do that surveillance. We can catch a price increase the day it happens, and that is pretty fantastic.”

All customers surveyed by KLAS reported they have adopted 100% of the platform's key functionality, which speaks to the value of these functions, their ease of use, and QuicksortRx’s commitment to training and support. They include:

  • Real-time analytics, which provides top-level analysis down to highly detailed views for rapid issue discovery and exploration 
  • Contract change management, which instantly identifies contract discrepancies and assists in the wholesaler credit/rebill process 
  • Shortage intelligence, which crowdsources availability data to isolate where shortages are happening from local to national levels 
  • Actionable benchmarking, which pairs discrepancy discovery with guidance to bring systems up to par 

“They are assessing drug spending with inflation, and what they are doing with shortage management is innovative,” one manager said to KLAS. “Folks are interested in making sure they have their arms around those things. With the way that drug pricing works, how frequently the pricing changes, and the ongoing issues that wholesalers have, the product is timeless.”

Customers told KLAS that QuicksortRx helped them achieve significant outcomes, including reduced pharmacy spending, maintaining 340B compliance, and improved tracking of savings. 

Own Your Pharmacy Spend – Get a Demo of QuicksortRx Today

QuicksortRx customers also spoke highly of the company's ongoing, expert customer service. “The vendor's at-the-elbow support is a huge strength,” a manager told KLAS.

“Their willingness to go the extra mile and put us in contact with people who can help us out is above and beyond. The vendor's adaptability to any new reports or features that we want to see is incredible.”

The report details how hospitals are driving substantial value through the platform while also highlighting opportunities where QuicksortRx can help customers achieve even greater success. 

“We are grateful for the feedback our customers contribute through our regular meetings and the KLAS survey,” said Jonathan Yantis, CEO and Co-Founder of QuicksortRx. “Our goal is to enable hospitals to gain better control of their pharmacy supply chains, and we are pleased to see our customers are verifying that we are achieving this goal. We remain committed to collaboration that helps us deliver more value for hospitals.” 

To access the full KLAS report, download it here. For more information about KLAS, visit KLAS Research.

About QuicksortRx

QuicksortRx Inc. was founded by pharmacists and technologists from the Medical University of South Carolina who understand the potential in health system supply chains and develop key solutions to unlock it. QuicksortRx provides real-time purchasing oversight, analytics, and savings tools to minimize medication costs without impacting operations or agreements. For more information, visit QuicksortRx.com.

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Post by QuicksortRx on March 2, 2023
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